Power Lab @ NYU-Poly
About Us

NYU-Poly is the only school in NYC Metropolitan area that offers a complete program in electrical power systems. Courses and research are conducted in these main categories:

  1. Generation / Transmission / Distribution / Machines
  2. Drives / Power Electronics / Electromagnetic Propulsion & Design
  3. Distributed Generation / Smart Grid

Faculty associated with Power Group are:

  1. Dariusz Czarkowski (Power Electronics and Systems)
  2. Francisco de Leon (Power Systems and Machines)
  3. Zivan Zabar (Power Systems and Drives)
  4. Leo Birenbaum (emeritus)

Research support for the Power Lab @ NYU-Poly has come from DoE, DoT, NSF, Pentagon, EBASCO, NYSERDA, Con Edison, and National Grid.

The Salient features of Electric Power Group are:

Currently Advising

  • 4 Post Doctoral fellows
  • 15 Ph.D. students
  • 10 M.Sc. students
  • 10 Senior projects

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